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PCB Fabrication

PCB Train offer a cost efficient, fast turn around PCB Fabrication service. Based in the UK we are able to turn around orders promptly and have them delivered just 2 days after receiving an order

PCB Assembly

We provide a value for money PCB Assembly service which includes making spare circuits at no additional cost. We can even supply over 1000 standard resistors and capacitors completely free with your order.

PCB Train Express

PCB Train is a fast turnaround prototype PCB manufacturing service. If you're in the bench-top stage and need prototype PCBs delivered to you within a few days, then the PCB Train Express service is for you.

CAD Layout Service

Our CAD layout service is both low cost and efficient. We have years experience providing a professional CAD service to our clients.

Stencil Full Service

We can provide a full laser cut solder paste stencil service. Get a quote and buy online.

Express Laser Stencil Service

We offer a next day delivery laser stencil service for manufacturing prototype and small batch assemblies.

Easy PC Software

Buy the Easy-PC professional PCB design software from us today, and we will credit 25% of the cost of the software against any future order from PCB train.