PCB train | Conformal coating

Conformal coating is a standard process that protects electronics from moisture, dirt ingress, oxidation and mould. PCB Train offers a quality, efficient and fast-turnaround sub-contract conformal coating service, providing the ability for an online quote and order. Conformal coating acts as a barrier that protects electronic components against harsh environments, prolonging their lifespan. The material is insulative, flexible and although transparent to visible light, its presence is clearly revealed under UV light for inspection purposes.


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Conformal coating | Service features

  • PVA Delta 8 six axis CNC selective spray robot
  • Applicant | Humiseal 1B73 Conformal Coat resin
  • Automated load and unload line
  • Capable of complex spray patterns
  • Multiple “keep out” areas can be achieved without masking
  • High quality repeatability benefit from computer controlled spray pattern
  • Coatings are 100% visually inspected under UV illumination

Technical data sheets


HumiSeal® 1B73 Acrylic Conformal Coating Technical Data Sheet

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PVA Delta 8 Selective Coating/Dispensing System

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