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PCB Train | Acrylic conformal coating

Conformal coating is a standard process that protects electronics from moisture, dirt ingress, oxidation and mould. PCB Train offers a quality, efficient and fast-turnaround sub-contract acrylic conformal coating service, providing the ability for an online quote and order.

Regardless of the material used, conformal coating safeguards electronic components against harsh environmental and high temperatures, offering excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture and chemicals and prolonging the lifespan of your printed circuit boards. The material is insulative, flexible and despite being transparent to visible light, can clearly be seen under UV light for inspection purposes.

At PCB Train, our experts use specialist machinery and techniques when applying conformal coating to PCBs. These automated systems and complex dipping processes help give your circuit boards the best coverage and ensure they stand the test of time.


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Conformal coating for PCBs | Service features

  • PVA Delta 8 six axis CNC selective spray robot
  • Applicant | Humiseal 1B73 Conformal Coat resin
  • Automated load and unload line
  • Capable of complex spray patterns
  • Multiple “keep out” areas can be achieved without masking
  • High quality repeatability benefit from computer controlled spray pattern
  • Coatings are 100% visually inspected under UV illumination


Is conformal coating essential for PCB boards?

Conformal coating is an additional protective layer applied to the entire surface of a populated PCB. It is essential if there is any possibility of exposure to water vapour or other contaminants that will facilitate the corrosion of exposed bare metal. Generally, this means that any circuits installed outside warm buildings, e.g. marine environments, and not within hermetically sealed enclosures, will benefit from conformal coating.

Which type of conformal coating is best for your printed circuit boards?

There are a wide variety of coatings available. We offer as standard a high-specification acrylic coating which is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

How is conformal coating applied to PCBs?

Application may be dipping or by spray. Dipping requires keep-out areas to be masked in advance, as does general spraying. We use selective spraying applied by a 6-axis CNC-controlled spraying machine. This enables precise control over coating thickness and location without masking. Post-spray, oven baking is required for the final resin cure.

How long does conformal coating last?

The lifespan of a properly applied conformal coat is indefinite.

Can conformal coating be removed?

Once cured, by its nature, conformal coating is very difficult to remove. All circuit testing and rework must be done before conformal coating is applied. Rework after conformal coating is generally felt to be impractical.

Why should I use PCB Train’s conformal coating service?

We provide instant online quotations. We are the leading provider of 6 axis CNC applied maskless conformal coating services. This is a high-quality, computer-controlled and repeatable process. The facility is entirely in-house, so conformal coating can seamlessly follow after inspection and test. The expense and quality risk associated with packing and unpacking when shipping to an outside conformal coating sub-contractor is also avoided when using PCB Train.

Technical data sheets


HumiSeal® 1B73 Acrylic Conformal Coating Technical Data Sheet

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PVA Delta 8 Selective Coating/Dispensing System

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