Conformal Coating

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Looking to protect your boards from moisture, dirt ingress and organic growth, amongst other external factors? PCB Train offers a quality, efficient and fast-turnaround sub-contract conformal coating service which helps to ensure your electronics protection. 


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How Does Conformal Coating Work? 

Printed circuit boards are often expected to perform in many different environments and conditions over years of operation. Conformal coating acts as a barrier that protects electronic components against harsh environments, prolonging their lifespan. The material is insulative, flexible and the application on the PCB can be inspected under UV light.

Our Facilities

Our rapid conformal coating service is carried out by our inhouse robotic spray facilities allowing us to deliver the best results for our customers every time and uniformity within our coating thickness (a requirement for many industries). Any touch-up rework will likely be brush applied, should it be needed. 

We utilise HumiSeal 1B73, the military/aerospace upgrade of the more commonly used HumiSeal 1B31. This acrylic-based conformal coating is fast-drying, offers excellent flexibility and electronic properties. We apply Humiseal 1B73 to PCB assemblies using a PVA Delta 8 selective spray robot. Should other coatings be needed please call us to enquire as we do retain additional equipment to deal with this variance.

Technical Data Sheets 
PVA Delta 8 Selective Coating/Dispensing System 

Our Service 

Our conformal coating service can be used as an add on to our other services to prevent corrosion of electronic assemblies and protect your circuit boards, or it can be carried out as a stand-alone subcontract service. 

We can produce from prototype volumes up to single orders of many thousand pieces and offer fast turnarounds; being able to complete rapid HumiSeal coatings in as little as 3 working days.


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