PCB Fabrication

Our PCB Manufacturing process

Most PCB manufacturers only allow one customer design to be processed per production sheet because of the complex and technical challenges found with different customer's orders. This is expensive because the set-up costs for each sheet manufactured are charged entirely to each client. Furthermore, daily production schedules change constantly according to demand. Thus, traditional PCB manufacturer’s production processes are like having a factory full of “taxis”.

Our printed circuit board manufacturing process is completely different being rather akin to how a railway network is organised. We run PCB designs from different customers (but requiring identical technical specifications) on the same sheet and process them together. The greater the number of different PCBs on a sheet, the lower the set-up cost will be for each client. Manufacturing of different PCB material configurations and specifications are scheduled to run to a weekly timetable, much like a train network. This allows us to plan our capacity and lower our costs through enhanced capacity utilisation and precise scheduling.

You can book a place on the PCB Train by placing an order and sending us your data before the service start time. If we are full we'll run extra trains to ensure your circuit boards are manufactured on time. View the full specification for this service here.

These links provide useful tips about bare PCB design for manufacture and about PCB assembly.

We have achieved our success by perfecting our fabrication workflow. Our PCB Train service has been designed for efficiency and low cost. Manufactured circuit boards can be delivered within the UK by the next day. Allow extra transit time for overseas orders. Our unique approach to manufacturing your electronic circuit design allows us to offer an unbeatable service to electronics companies across the UK.

PCB Train express 1 day turnaround manufacturing process

If you need your circuit boards sooner rather than later, we offer an exclusive 1 day turnaround service where we'll get your circuit boards to you the next day. This service is popular with engineers who need rapid progress with their development project at low cost. It is meant for bench-top prototyping, not production work. To maintain our high standards, there are some limitations to the specifications we can receive for our express service and PCBs will have to be designed with this in mind.

Custom manufactured PCBs

Some customers have special requirements for their order that are not covered by the PCB Train specification, however we are more than happy to accommodate for this. We will be able to provide a quote for your custom PCB order and get your delivery to you in 24 hours. This includes any type and quantity of rigid circuit board, and we offer very competitive prices. For more information, visit our parent website www.newburyelectronics.co.uk