Well done. You have found your way to the business side of our electronic workshop services. You will find the services that you could only dream of having in your personal workshop.    This is what we intend to be.   An electronic workshop at your service.  Your electronics is designed, and now you need electronic assemblies that work first time out of the box. You have found the right place.

Equally important is delivery on time. Whilst in truth we do not work 24/7, if we have to, we will, and our plant works long hours to provide you with delivery you expect. Be assured about quality as well. To achieve the quality levels you expect, we use the best machine technology available. We constantly scour the world and evaluate new technologies which improve technical performance and lower costs. If you are not convinced, take a look at our plant list.

We believe our sales office should be open every day, all day. At any time of the day, you can get a price, place your order and upload your files. Then it up to us to make your PCB circuits for the price and delivery combination that suits you. We strive to do your bidding once, and do it right.

One of PCB Train’s principles is not to charge additional tooling costs. Yes, no additional tooling charges. We pride ourselves in the efficiency of our tooling department and to simplify the ordering process, we pass these savings on. We achieve this by using largely digital production processes and extensive software automation.

  • PCB fabrication

    Follow the buttons above to get a price or place an order. You might want bare PCBs in just 24 hours to prove a design, at a price that does not break the bank. Click on the PCB button. Try our Express bare PCB fabrication services, one of the best value fast-turnaround PCB manufacturing and prototyping services anywhere. Remember, every bare PCB we fabricate is 100% electrically tested and automated inspection (AOI) is used throughout the PCB manufacturing process. A wide variety of PCB build from 1 to 12 layers is available.
  • PCB assembly

    Do you want your PCB’s assembled? Click on the Assembly button. Try our remarkable BOM costing tool. You can get your BOM priced up and ordered online now. Similarly, you can price up your PCB assembly costs online. Naturally, you can place an order and upload data any time of the day. Alternatively, upload your BOM and we will take care of your quote without delay.  Every assembly is scrupulously inspected so that you will expect a faultless power up. We use 3 “D” AOI throughout our PCB assembly process. Solder paste reflow will be either convection or vapour phase according to the technology. We populate your PCB’s using the latest Yamaha pick & place SMD placement machines.
  • PCB Stencil

    You might want a low-cost solder paste screen, so look at our Express solder paste screen service. We make full size laser cut solder paste screens too. For our in-house PCB assembly service, there is no charge for solder paste screens.
  • PCB conformal coating

    Conformal coating is great for “hardening” electronic assemblies against adverse environmental conditions. You can get a price and place an order online for conformal coating by our multi-axis digital automatic conformal coating machine. This is a completely automatic machine process requiring no manual masking for keep-out areas.



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