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PCB Train is one of the top circuit assembly companies in the UK, with over 50 years experience assembling and supplying circuit boards. We provide a fast turnaround PCB circuit assembly service where we assemble your order and despatch is 3 days after receipt of PCB's and components. Our circuit assembling prices are fully inclusive of all tooling costs, including solder paste stencils.Get prices for a variety of quantities and deliveries using our online PCB assembly quote calculator.

Get prices for a variety of quantities and deliveries using our online PCB and circuit assembly quote calculator. 

Assembly prices
All price quoted online are for assembly costs only, and exclude the costs of parts, with the exception of those parts on our "free" components list”.   To get a quote for us to procure parts, you will have the opportunity to upload a BOM during the quote / buying process.



If you order your PCB Assembly through us, we can supply a range of over 1000 components free of charge. The obvious benefit here is that you do not have to purchase and supply these parts from other electronic component suppliers. This offer applies whether component kits are supplied by PCB Train or its clients. For a full list of the free components PCB Train can supply click here.

If you are planning to supply us with components kits for assembly, take a look at this document. Many clients find it convenient and economic for PCB Train to supply their entire bill of materials (BOM). This is subject to individual quotation. Many components will be ex. Stock, either from us or our suppliers. Production time additional to the PCB Train assembly quote may be required if any component is on a long lead-time. We will advise you about this. Email your bill of materials and ask us to quote.

Why Use PCB Train Assembly

We Provide Value for Money

  • With our assembly service you can order the exact number of single circuits that you want, and we’ll manufacture an appropriate number of spares at no extra cost to you.
  • We can supply you with free standard R's and C's and many other components. Typically around 80% of your BOM line items can be supplied at zero extra cost by PCB Train.
  • There are no extra costs. Design and manufacture of laser cut solder paste screens is included in the price.

We Employ Thorough Quality Control Processes

  • All bare PCBs will be electrically tested as standard
  • Visible joints will be inspected by eye or AOI (automated optical inspection)
  • First-off assemblies are checked off-line by experienced quality inspectors
  • When required, in-house X-ray inspection of BGA (Ball Grid Array) placements is a standard procedure

Modern PCB Assembly Equipment

  • We have the equipment and technical expertise to place all commonly available components. Fine pitch BGA's and 0201 packages are not a problem.
  • On the rare occasions we do experience difficulty with a parts placement, PCB Train is equipped in-house to professionally rework every type of component.
  • As the only UK CEM with an in-house laser cutting machine, we can rapidly turnaround solder paste screens.
  • Precise in-house design of solder paste screens guarantees high quality assemblies

PCB & Electronic Assembly Process

As far as possible, we will use automated processes to place components on to your PCB, making use of your pick & place CAD data. Component positioning, orientation and solder quality will normally be verified using Automatic Optical Inspection.

Very small batches may be placed by hand and inspected by eye. All soldering will be to Class 1 standards. If you require Class 2 or Class 3, please ask us to quote.

Remember to allow time in addition to your quoted assembly time to enable us to kit your BOM. We will advise the increase in delivery time in our quote. Please read this document. It sets out how we process your order, what you need to do, and what we will do.

Where to Send Your Electrical Components

Ship your parts to: PCB Train, Newbury Electronics Ltd, Unit 8, River Park Industrial Estate, Ampere Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2DQ, UK.