There are two stencil services.  The full service is for stencils used in production solder pasting machines.  The Express service is for prototyping and low volume production.


Stencil | Full service

We provide a bureau style laser stencil cutting service suitable for production runs:

  • Full sized stainless steel frameless stencils laser cut to fit frame tensioning systems (to be specified)
  • Supplied in card wallets with hanging hooks for storage
  • Optimised SMD apertures (if required)
  • Step & repeated as required
  • No limit on number of apertures
  • Text and tool numbers
  • Thickness options of 100, 127, & 150 microns
  • Fiducial markers
  • Tooling holes

Stencil | Express service

Express stencils are a low cost option. They have no frame tensioning holes but are simply intended to be fixed over a PCB for manual solder paste printing. They are foil type stencils and are priced according to the size of the PCB they fit.

Thickness options of 100, 127, & 150 microns

Half day service requires orders and data to be with us before 9.00 am, subject to which we will ship by the close of business the same working day, service available week-days only.

1 day service requires orders and data by 12.00 am mid-day, with shipment the next working day

2 day service requires orders and data by 12.00 am mid-day, with shipment within 2 working days

No aperture editing offered apart from general feature reduction of 5% from CAD layout data

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Stencil | Precision laser cutting

All stencils are cut on our precision laser stencil cutting machine. All our stencils are of the steel "shim" or "foil" type.

Please note that if stencils with frame mounting patterns are required, together with aperture editing suitable for production runs, do not use the Express Laser Stencil service but consider using our full service bureau style laser stencil cutting service. We also regret that we cannot supply stencils mounted on fabric stretched over aluminium frames.Express stencils are shipped on the next working day following the working day of order placement. Express laser stencils are suitable for all component pitches down to 0.4mm (0.016") and all discrete components down to 0201s.The profile of the Express laser stencil is cut to the size of your PCB with the addition of a plain border of at least 10 mm on all sides.

Note that all Express stencils are supplied without any frame fixing holes or fiducials. It is assumed that paste data files will be 1:1 to your PCB pad data. Express laser stencils will be cut with standard feature reductions of 5% from your PCB layout data. If top and bottom stencils are required, request 2 stencils on the order form and pay the lot price for 2 stencils as quotedpads.

If your PCB has been ordered in a standard PCB Train step & repeated panel, then we will step single image paste data to the same pitch. We guarantee that the stencil will register perfectly with your PCB panel. When ordering such stencils, enter the overall "x" and "y" dimensions of the step & repeated panel in the Express stencil price calculator.

Technical requirements
           Maximum stencil dimensions for this service: 350mm x 250mm
           Maximum overall pcb or panel dimensions: 330mm x 230mm
           Minimum selve edge allowance: 10mm all sides

Positional accuracy

  • Positional accuracy: +/- 12.5 micron
  • Aperture dimensional tolerance: 9 micron
  • Standard material thickness : 127 micron stainless steel
  • Repeatability : +/- 16 micron