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What Are Free Components?

These are stocks of common parts we hold on reels ready on our shop-floor for automated SMD assembly. We hold over 1000 different parts in stocks.

We invite you to use these parts when you order a PCB assembly on the PCB Train assembly service. There will be no charge for the use of these parts as part of a PCB Train assembly order.

Free Components

If you have difficulties downloading this spreadsheet, request a copy by email

How Does This Offer Benefit Our Customers?

This offer saves client's money. Over 60% of the parts on a typical BOM can be supplied free from our reeled stock. If these parts are specified by clients, then there will be no charge for them. Where clients are sourcing parts to free-issue to us, those items on our reeled stock list need not be supplied

What Components Are Included in This Offer?

Over 1000 resistors, capacitors, bipolar transistors, diodes, ferrites, LEDs, MOSFETs, and voltage regulators are listed. Download the PCB Train free components list in .xls format or in .xlsx format. If you have difficulties downloading this spreadsheet, request a copy by email.

Specify the relevant parts on your BOM as "PCB Train free component stock" and use the same supplier name and supplier part number as per our list

Why Does PCB Train Provide This Service?

We do this to make our assembly process more efficient, save us and our client?s time and money. These are low value items which we bulk purchase on reels of thousands of parts. These reeled stocks are kept to hand on our shop-floor. This means they do not have to be kitted in and out for every job, saving time. We machine assemble very small runs so we do not want to use small strips of components if we can use our reeled stock instead. It reduces the need to splice small SMD strips with leader and follower tapes to allow them to be mounted on reels.

Why Get PCB Train to Kit My Bom?

  • Use our stocks of over 1000 common components for free when using the PCB Train assembly service
  • Avoid worries about whether components supplied are taped or reeled. PCB Train will source components appropriately packaged for machine placement on tapes and reels. Any parts found only to be available for hand placement (singles) will be hand placed without extra charge
  • Let others decide the number of spare components to kit (normally 5%) to allow for production losses. PCB Train will kit as many extra parts as are required
  • Get a rapid quote for your BOM. We have large component stocks and computerized BOM costing software assists our estimating team to respond promptly. PCB train is delighted to supply 100% of your BOM. Send us your BOM for a quote
  • Avoid sourcing low quality parts. PCB Train will only source parts from reputable franchised distributors. Hard to source parts will be referred back to customers for approval of suggested alternatives
  • Let PCB Train do your "goods inward" checks. Component kits supplied by PCB Train will be checked for quantity, condition, component type and tolerance, form and fit. Supplier mistakes will be taken up directly by PCB Train
  • You have just one supplier to liaise with. PCB Train will progress and chase any delinquent component suppliers
  • You do not have to comply with humidity or ESD precautions when handling parts, because that is what we do. Moisture sensitive parts are stored in humidity controlled cabinets. Packages opened for goods inwards inspection are vacuum resealed for later assembly