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Fast Turnaround Prototype PCBs

PCB Train Express is a very low cost fast turnaround prototype PCB manufacturing service. It is aimed to permit rapid prototyping of new electronic designs at the bench-top test stage. The PCB Train Express service is not suitable for producing production quality PCBs. But it is meant to replace the need to ever consider making your own PCBs for prototyping purposes.

What are the Benefits of PCB Train Express?

  • For a double sided PTH PCB, PCB Train Express can deliver your custom made PCB to your door within 27 hours of online order submission, inclusive of overnight transport time (UK mainland only). Order by 9.00 am, delivered next day by 12.00 midday. Similarly, a 4 layer PCB can take just 51 hours from online order to delivery at your door. Order by 9.00 am, delivered the day after the next day by 12.00 midday 
  • PCB Train Express PCBs will always be of better quality and far lower cost than any lab, or home workshop manufactured PCB.
  • We use the same materials and processes as we do for our production PCBs.
  • Our clients tell us that PCB Train Express is unsurpassed value for money.

PCBs supplied are either 2 layers or 4 layers 1.6 mm Fr4 PTH, 1oz copper finished thickness, immersion silver finish, without solder resists, or legends.

What Measures & Processes Do We Use to Provide this Service?

We restrict some of the complexities of your PCB design so that we can achieve low cost and fast turnaround.

Routed cut-outs are not permitted with the body of the PCB. The quantity of circuits within a batch manufactured on this service is limited because of the speed of turnaround. 2 layer PCBs are not electrically tested, but all 4 layer PCB's are tested. Step & repeated and nested circuits are not permitted.

Single sided circuits will be manufactured using the PTH process and may have copper plating down the holes. PCBs are supplied as single circuits only. All holes are treated as PTH. Minimum track and gap is 0.2 mm. Minimum CNC drill size is 0.50mm, maximum CNC drill size is 6.5 mm. For 2 layer PCB Train Express PCBs, only top and bottom copper layer files, excellon CNC drill files, and a profile layer file are used. All other files are ignored. For 4 layer PCB Train Express PCBs, inner 1 and 2 copper layer files are required as well.

Profiles are cut with a 2.00 mm diameter router as a simple single pass. Profiles must be drawn with a single continuous line, the centre line of which is treated as the cutting line. Compensation for the cutter diameter is not required.

What Limitations are There With This Service?

In order for us to achieve a fast turnaround and low cost, the following are not permitted or provided on this service

  • Alterations, editing, or additional instructions after order submission
  • Internal cut-outs, circles or slots, (but note maximim drilled hole size of 6.5 mm is permitted)
  • Close or connected holes (holes spacing at least 0.30mm)
  • Panelisation or step & repeating
  • Design rule checking
  • Design notes, "readme" files, or documents are ignored
  • Milling or counterboring
  • Scoring or tabs
  • Gold or any other alternative finishes

Sending Your Order To Us

Data * must be received by 9.00 am on a working day and we will ship double sided circuits by close of business the same working day (8 hours turnaround). 4 layer pbcs will be shipped on the next working day following the 9.00 am order cut-off time (32 hours turnaround).

*  plus your order requirements / purchase order / payment / online payment, as required, so that we can satisfactorily process and plan production of your order.