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Philip King As a technology enthusiast, Philip King is the director of PCB Train and Newbury Electronics. Philip first joined Newbury Electronics in 1981 as an accountant and in 1987 partnered with Kevin Forder as a managing director.

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11 Inspirational Electronics TED Talks

In this post we discuss and review some of the best electronics-focussed TED talks that you can watch online for free today

Team Impulse Win UK CanSat

We recently sponsored the winning team in the UK CanSat competition. Read on to find out all about the competition and Team Impulse’s winning CanSat.

What is Graphene and What Will it Bring to the World of Electronics?

Have you heard about the amazing new super-material graphene yet? Read our guide to find out all there is about this incredible new material and its possible applications

Essential Hardware Tools Every Electronic Engineer Needs

Before you start any engineering project, make sure you make a list of tools needed for your…

Top 5 Gadgets Of 2014

  Technology in 2014 Modern technology is advancing at a brisk rate and 2014 has absolutely no…

Michael Mannering Trials Our Reflow Oven Experiment

As you all know, we love supporting and encouraging engineering projects. Recently we’ve been in contact with…

A Beginner’s Guide to Soldering a PCB

For electronics hobbyists, soldering PCBs is a good skill to master. Getting the basic techniques right, is…

Is 3D Printing the Future?

What is 3D Printing 3D printing, also known as desktop fabrication and additive manufacturing, is a prototyping…

PCB Train Works with Leading International Artist, Moritz Waldemeyer

PCBs used for art project by Moritz Waldemeyer PCB Train are supplying 250 printed circuit boards to…

PCB Train Supports Electronic Engineering Project

Our support of an electronic engineering project We feel it’s important to support and encourage electronic engineering…

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