We have enormous experience in both PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly having spent 60+ years doing it. Only the best companies survive and we strive to achieve prompt deliveries of good quality product at a reasonable price. We are a profitable business and believe in constant re-investment in staff training and capital plant.


We do not expect or want to get returns or complaints from customers. If we experience a problem, we treat every such event as an opportunity to learn what went wrong, and how to prevent a re-occurrence.

We assemble a large proportion of our own PCBs in-house. We require exceptional quality performance from our own PCB fabrication because any defects that manifest themselves during the assembly process cost us tenfold if we have to bear the cost of replacing components as well as remaking PCBs. All clients benefit from this internal feedback.

The humble PCB is the only unique part in every electronic product. Electronic parts can be replaced if they fail, but faulty PCBs render a complete electronic assembly useless. The quality of a PCB should never be risked given the multiplication effect of downstream added value.





PCBs will be built to your design and will be functional, being free of opens and short circuits, and have good solderability. Feature registration and appearance will meet or exceed IPC-A-600G Class 2. We want our product to meet your needs. We do not final test many of the PCB assemblies we manufacture because either production runs are too short, or because of compressed timescales. We will re-inspect and rework if necessary any assembly that does not function. We expect the number of none working PCB assemblies which we have not functionally tested to be very low indeed. If we have completed a functional test, we do not expect any failures.

PCB Train pcbs are manufactured to meet or exceed IPC-A-600G (Acceptability of Printed Boards) Class 1 and 2 classifications. This IPC specification gives an objective visual inspection baseline which pcbs must meet. We are happy for our products to be judged against internationally published standards to ensure our clients receive the standard of quality they expect. All our products will be suitable for applications where extended life and continuous service are expected.

Please note that we do not currently offer AS9100 certified products from the PCB-Train service. For AS9100 enquiries, please contact us info@newburyelectronics.co.uk

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