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PCB Train's sister company, Newbury Innovation, operates as the Newbury Group's electronic design division. This wing of the business grew from the vision that customers would value a service where their electronic design needs could be dealt with holistically. Therefore, Newbury Innovation offer a complete service, from product design, to development and manufacture. This is all handled within our state-of-the-art facility; a complete service, under one roof.

All types of electrical engineers, inventors and manufacturers could benefit from the electronic design services that Newbury Innovation have on offer. Our electronic designers are fully qualified and experienced enough to take on your project. We will see it through from start to finish, from idea to product, all the way to final specification.

Here follows a summary of our complete electronic design framework. Newbury Innovation follow these guidelines for any eletronic design project undertaken. We will endeavour to bring your electronic design to life, within your time

and budget constraints.

Six Stages of Electronic Design & PCB Design

1. Refine the concept. We summarise the objectives of the project and create a document to specify the project's technical scope.

2. Feasibility Study. We conduct a study to examine whether the project will be possible within the client's budget. Agreed terms of reference will be set out. A draft report is presented to the client for feedback.

3. Hardware and Software Design. We design the electronic ciruitry and produce the schematic designs, manufacturing benchtop prototypes. Software code is drafted.

4. Test and trials. When software and hardware designs are complete we can begin serious bench testing. We continue until the design meets the project specifications.

5. Ongoing technical support. We offer a long established programme of continuing technical support on an annual renewal contract. We call this our sustainable engineering programme.

If you’re looking for an electronic design company that offers a complete service, delivers projects on time and on budget and who ensure you own all the IP rights and design, contact Newbury Innovation to see find out if we can work together to produce a commercially successful product.