Rapid PCB Prototyping with PCB Train Express

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Looking to put a new PCB design out into the world? Before starting a full production run, the first thing you should do is develop a prototype to ensure that everything is working as expected. 

PCB Train Express, our low-cost PCB prototyping service, is a reliable PCB production service that permits printed circuit board design at the bench-top test stage in order to identify any issues that may incur additional costs and impact product performance before it’s too late. 

Read on to discover all you need to know about this unique prototyping process. 

Fast Turnaround Times

One of the biggest benefits of using PCB Train Express is its quick turnaround time, which enables designers to strike while the iron is hot and reduce the time to market for innovative designs. 

Provided you send all data, order requirements and payment details to us before 9.00 am on a working day, your prototype circuit board will be shipped to you within 32 hours. You can choose a single, double, or 4-layer PCB when using PCB Train Express, with single and double-sided printed circuit boards sent out on the same day and 4-layer PCBs shipped by the end of the next. 

Low-Cost PCB Fabrication 

We’re sensitive to how easy it is to spend money on producing circuit boards, which is why we’ve made sure our Express prototype service is low-cost and competitively priced. 

We achieve this by eliminating certain inessential production elements, such as the application of solder resist and legend, and only producing designs with an immersion silver finish. The PCB Train Express process also forgoes design rule checking on all products, as well as electrical testing for 2-layer PCBs. Customers can also choose from two thickness options, 0.8 mm or 1.6 mm, to speed up the process. 

Production Restrictions 

In addition to those listed above, PCB Train Express has some further production limitations in order to ensure that your order is with you as soon as possible. These restrictions apply to both single and multi-layer PCBs and are as follows: 

  • All PCB boards are supplied as single circuits; panels are not permitted 
  • All single-sided circuits will be created using the PTH process and may have copper plating down the holes. 
  • No scoring, tabs, gold plating, milling or counterboring 
  • Internal routed cut-outs are not permitted
  • Minimum track and gap 0.2 mm/ minimum CNC drill size 0.50 mm, maximum CNC drill size 6.5 mm
  • Complex profiles are permitted, but will be cut with a 2.0 mm router

Order Reliable PCB Prototypes From UK Based Manufacturers

Highly qualified electronics engineers can charge up to £1000 per day to cover PCB production costs. PCB Train Express will minimise how much you pay for your prototypes and get them on your desk in little more than 24 hours.

Like all of the services we offer, it is overseen by a team of expert engineers who will use the latest techniques and technology to provide you with the highest-quality printed circuit boards for your project. Contact us today to receive a free PCB prototype quote and get your product on the market as quickly as possible. 
For more information about rapid PCB prototyping or to enquire about our other services, including full-scale PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, contact a member of our team.

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