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PCB Printed Circuit Boards

Status: vacancy posted October 2014, currently interviewing

PCB Train for PCB manufacture and printed circuits assembly, for online PCB quotes and order submission, for prototype and production PCBs, for UL and BS EN ISO 9001 quality approval. No registration required for a quote. Just a few key strokes will get you prices. Select the service, enter the dimensions of the PCB, and then the quantity. That's it.
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Quality Circuit Boards

You can be sure of our quality and reliability because PCB Train is a division of Newbury Electronics Ltd whose long established PCB electronic manufacturing and assembly operations have been located in Newbury for over 50 years. Our low cost is achieved by manufacturing different designs of PCB on the same artwork. These are produced on fixed production schedules yielding huge cost savings which are passed on to our customers.

UK Manufactured PCBs

When you buy from us, you will receive professionally UK manufactured prototype PCBs (BS EN ISO 9001 approved) and small batch production runs of PCB boards delivered on time at prices a fraction of those typically quoted by our competitors. Our leadtimes start from 24 hours.

Calculate your PCB prices and order

We aim to have the simplest ordering procedure possible. You can calculate your PC board prices and order your prototype printed circuit boards and small batch production quantities of single-sided, 2 layer PTH, 4 layer multilayer and 6 layer multilayer PCBs online. Our PCB quote calculator will automatically calculate a wide range of quantity and delivery options.

Free downloadable PCB CAD software

Downloadable PCB CAD software, free from practical constraints on board size, pin counts, layers and output types. Features include schematic capture, PCB circuit layout and gerber / CNC manufacturing file generation.

PCB Assembly

We offer a PCB assembly service for both through hole and SMD components. We make this service a little easier for you because we supply all the standard resistors and capacitors for your circuit without charge. You must still send us all the non-standard components for populating your assembly.

We also offer a fast and efficient PCB CAD layout service. Ask us to quote. Please browse our site for more information about our services.

EASY-PC Software offer

Benefit from our offer of a credit of 25% of the cost of Easy-PC software purchased from us which can be applied against your future PCB Train orders.

Express Printed Circuits

At PCB Train, we take pride in being able to supply printed circuits within a matter of hours, without compromising on the quality of our PCBs. Start the quote & order process to get your quick turnaround circuit boards. 

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Posted on: September 1st, 2014 by Philip King

Before you start any engineering project make sure you make a list of tools needed for your experiment. Not having the right tools can cause problems such as time wastage and a lack of budget. There are two types of tools needed for electronic engineering experiments; these include software tools and hardware tools. The tools generally depend on the type of project you are carrying out; we’ve made a list of essential hardware tools to help make it easier to narrow down which tools you may need for your specific project. Soldering ...

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