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PCB Printed Circuit Boards

PCB Train are a leading UK supplier of printed circuit boards and related PCB products. We specialise in batch sizes both large and small, giving customers the capability to order exactly what they need from a trusted UK manufacturer. Our online PCB order and delivery service can be used to buy prototype and production-standard PCBs, each of which are certified with industry recognised quality approvals.

Choose your desired technical specifications and enter the dimensions and quantity that you need. Upload your data and we’ll do the rest. PCB Train are one of the few UK companies who offer bare PCB fabrication, kitting, component assembly and solder paste stencil cutting. We are able to expertly offer all of these services within our Newbury premises. same business.

Six Mistakes Beginner PCB Designers Make

Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by pcbtrain

1. Over-Complicating Design Beginner designers can often make mistakes as a result of not knowing the chemistry and processes behind PCB fabrication. Often, this will involve making the design far more complicated than it needs to be. Designers need to stop and think about the actual effectiveness of their design; just because it works on paper, this doesn't mean that it's the easiest or most economic method. 2. Don't Skip the Schematic Beginner designers can often be tempted to skip the schematic step out on their simplest circuit board designs. This is not a step that should be skipped! If there's a mistake in your circuit des...

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Quality Circuit Boards

Customers repeatedly choose PCB Train for their PCB fabrication and manufacturing needs. You can rest assured that your bespoke circuit boards will be of the highest possible quality and reliability. We function as a division of Newbury Electronics LTD, a company established over 50 years ago. With over half a century’s experience manufacturing printed circuit boards, we manage to provide value for money by making different PCB designs on the same artwork. This allows us to turn orders around faster than our competitors. We’ve perfected the manufacturing process to maximise efficiency, and we pass this saving onto our customers.

UK Manufactured PCBs

We pride ourselves on the fantastic professional service we provide to all our customers. As a UK based PCB supplier, our operations are based in this country. This means you can pick up the phone to discuss your order any time you like. You can even pop into our PCB factory in Newbury to see how we manufacture our circuit boards. Our lead times start from 24 hours. We’re proud to provide UK built PCBs to our customers, both returning and new.

Online PCB Quote & Price Calculator

Our online PCB ordering system is very straight forward. Enter your details for an instant quote and you can have your order delivered within a matter of days. Our online price calculator allows you to get quotes for small batch production quantities of sided, 2 layer PTH, 4 layer multilayer and 6 layer multilayer PCBs and prototype circuit boards. Our on-site calculator is capable of calculating a wide range of quantity and delivery options.

PCB Assembly Service

Our PCB assembly service offers customers excellent value for money. We provide PCB components such as resistors and capacitors for free. Using our own components allows us to turn orders around faster, meaning what we can save customers money. Any non-standard components required for populating your assembly would need to be supplied by customers. Assembly prices can be instantly obtained from our online price calculator. We also supply complete kits of parts for your Bill of Materials (subject to quote).