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FR4 Laminate Specification

What is FR4 Laminate?

FR4 laminate is the most common specification of copper clad laminate used to manufacture PCBs. The laminate is composed of an insulator made up of glass cloth, bound with epoxy resin and a flame retardant, between thin copper sheets. FR-4ís attractive properties include: low cost, high strength, low moisture absorption, and tolerance of the PCB manufacturing process.

We provide this datasheet offers figures for the following useful material parameters amongst others: Glass Transition Temp, Time to Delamination at elevated temperature, Decomposition Temp, Surface Resistivity , Dielectric Breakdown, Z-Axis coefficient of thermal expansion, Dielectric Constant, Dissipation Factor , Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), Peel Strength (1oz), Moisture Absorption, etc.

This datasheet provides all the available technical information about the FR4 laminate we use in one single place.

Ventec VT-481TC/Laminate datasheet
This laminate is suitable for single sided, double sided, & multi-layer PCBs & lead free assembly operations.

Aluminium Base Copper Clad Laminate Specification

What is aluminium base copper clad laminate?

Aluminium base copper clad laminate is commonly a thin sheet of copper clad FR4 bonded to a thicker sheet of aluminium which acts as a heat-sink. The bulk of aluminium clad PCBs are single sided smd only circuits. The presence of a conduction layer of aluminium prevents the use of through hole components. The superior heat dissipation of aluminium clad laminate allows the design of smaller lower cost PCBs with thinner tracking, and denser component population than would otherwise be possible with standard FR 4 laminate.

This data provides information about: Aluminium thickness, FR4 dielectric thickness, Copper thickness, Overall thickness, Thickness tolerance, Thermal conductivity, Flammability rating, & UL file number. This data is frequently required by circuit designers.

Link to specification and datasheet

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