PCB Information

PCB Fabrication Technical Advice

We want to get your PCB Fabrication order delivered to you as quickly as possible. To help us do this we've added this PCB Technical Advice that details the best way to send your order to us. Making sure your order follows these guidelines helps to minimise delays, and get your finished circuit boards to you as fast as possible.

PCB Assembly Technical Advice

To help us complete your PCB Assembly order as efficiently as possible, we've added these technical advice guidelines to help you when sending your order to us. It contains important information about providing a Bill of Materials, checking component kits, and our assembly policies. Please make sure you read our technical assembly guidelines before sending your order.

Electronic Design Service

As a division of Newbury Electronics, we have over 50 years experience working in the electronics industry. Find out about the electronic design services available from Newbury electronics.

PCB Train Free Component Offer

PCB Train offer over 1000 standard resistors and capacitors free of charge if you choose the PCB Train Assembly service.

Downloads & Specifications

Downloadable content such as specifications and datasheets. We also have a Non-Disclosure Agreement that can be downloaded from this page.

Useful PCB Links

Across the Internet there are many websites that offer valuable information on PCBs and some great learning material. We've collated a list of our favourite PCB links from across the web that we think you'll find helpful.