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Assembly Prices:

We can assemble all types of commonly available discrete components onto your PCB.  Get an assembly price from the pcb assembly quote calculator.

Our prices include standard resistors & capacitors supplied from our stocks of taped and reeled components, CADCAM tooling, and laser cut solder paste stencils.

Assembly prices are based on the total number of discrete parts we assemble. SMD capacitors, leaded resistors, connectors, ICs, QFPs, etc., each count as one placement. So, 5 R's, 5 C's, 5 IC's, 5 connectors and 5 QFP's would count as 25 placements. Our prices assume a typical mix of electronic parts. On the rare occasions that there are a disproportionate number of difficult to place parts, we may quote you the additional costs before proceeding with assembly.

BGA and similar classes of components e.g. Quad Flat No leads, (QFN) are specifically priced within our standard pricing model. These parts have connections underneath their body which can only be inspected by endoscope and are more costly to place. Please note that press-fit connectors are excluded from our standard pricing model and will be fitted subject to specific quotation.

Customer supplied PCB Components

Customer supplied components, commonly called "free issue" parts are not to be confused with the free standard "Rs" and "Cs" which we supply for all orders.

For orders under a total of 500 SMD placements, customers may supply (free-issue) discrete SMD parts (non-taped and reeled). For orders which exceed a total of 500 SMD placements, the components supplied must be taped and reeled and ICs must be tubed or waffle packed, otherwise our quoted assembly prices will be invalid.

Quoted assembly delivery times start from the completion date of the bare pcbs.

Read our assembly technical advice document to understand how to prepare a component kit for shipment to us.

Free standard "Rs" and "Cs"

Listed below are the PCB Train assembly components that we supply to you without charge. All other components must be sent to us for assembly.  Requirements for customer supplied parts? are set out in the assembly technical advice document.

SMD capacitors: package type 0603, or 0805, or 1206

Type: single-layer ceramic or multi-layer, as appropriate for the value.
Values: 10pf, 22pf, 27pf, 47pf, 100pf, 220pf, 470pf, 1Nf, 1N2, 2N2, 4N7, 10Nf, 22Nf, 47Nf, 100Nf, 220Nf, 470Nf, 1U
Tolerances and Voltages: as per our detailed list.

SMD resistors : package type 0603, or 0805, or 1206

Values: E24
Tolerance: 1%
Leaded resistors: package type 0.4W (type MRS16) or 0.6W (type MF60)
Values: E24
Tolerance: 1%

PCB and Assembly Warranty:

We will re-work at our cost any part not placed in accordance with your placement diagram provided that the assembly is returned to us.